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Legacy Texas - The Cassidy

Working with Legacy Texas, Designworks brought life to The Cassidy building by implementing elegant designs that mesh well with the downtown vibe created by the historic Sundance Square.

The PIT Roanoke - Coming soon!

Designworks is working to bring a top-of-the-line soccer complex to the city of Roanoke in the coming Fall.

The PIT Frisco

Designworks created an elegant design to successfully integrate the needs of a state of the art indoor soccer training facility.

UT Tennis Facility

The University of Texas at Austin undergoes constant expansion and remodeling. In the case of this project, HDW relocated the older tennis facility to an alternate, underutilized portion of the campus, while updating it to a NCAA national competition facility.

Rosana Spring Resort and Spa 

Located just west of San Paolo, this beautiful resort stands to be a premier vacation destination.

YMCA Arlington

Designworks worked with the YMCA of Arlington to meet the needs of the community through renovation of the existing two-story facility into a state-of-the-art recreation center with amenities to serve the community.

Cross Timbers West End

Designworks came to the aid of Cross Timbers in collaboration with Worlds of Wow to bring life to the childrens space, in addition to other pieces of the building. This project falls in line with HDW's guiding principles, as faith is the underlying core of our business.

Grace Like Rain

Grace Like Rain Ministries is a non-profit that connects North Texas families in need with people who are ready, willing and able to help in tangible ways. Designworks helped provide designs for the community center.

Kobty Residence

Located in the city of Arlington, this residential add-on displays HDW’s ability to make additions and revisions to elegant homes without compromising the principal design. As is the case with this project, optimization is sometimes needed more than an overhaul. 

Teach Me Montessori

Containing multiple components for the care and attention of children and young adults with severe autism, this facility serves as a transitional education center to better serve the children before their integration into mainstream society. HDW led the construction and design phases, respectively, to piece together this elegant, yet functional facility, while also supporting a just cause for the welfare of the disabled.

Grapevine Soccer Complex - coming soon!

Coming soon to the city of Grapevine is a diverse and flexible facility able to host any level of soccer competition, which is managed and designed by HDW. 

FirstUp Warehouse

Providing the design for the Firstup Structures warehouse, located in Paraná, Brazil. HDW exemplified their vision of being a small firm with big aspirations, as the project marks their ability to execute the specifications needed regardless of location or difficulty. 


In coordination with Aeroterm, HDW aided the process of warehouse finish-outs throughout the state of Texas, showcasing the firm’s ability to adapt to any type of commercial project, no matter the location.

Lake's Little Scholars Montessori

Focusing on the education of children aged 18 months to 6 years, Montessori prioritizes the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical needs of each child. Heading up the project, HDW implemented their elegant designs and emphasis on taking projects that provide direct benefits for a good cause.

Kodiak Sports

A sports supply and manufacturing facility, Kodiak Sports, located in Celina, Texas, demonstrates HDW’s ability to produce a functional building that suits the theme of the client’s wishes and vision for his/her company. 

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